How Can We Help?

We are willing to bet you’re here because you have a construction challenge that needs an immediate and trustworthy solution. We want to help!

We have helped many government, commercial, insurance and residential customers solve complicated and often frustrating mysteries. Many times, we help find solutions to problems that can’t seem to be corrected by other companies. We love what we do, and enjoy being a part of the solution.

Other times, our customers are considering an interior or exterior renovation or are being forced to improve a structure to comply with building codes. Sadly, some of our customers are reaching out to us because they need an emergency repair or rebuild due to weather or other disaster. We have many years of technical experience, and are ready to help you walk through it.

About Our Company

In business since 1996, ABC works closely with government contract officers, property management companies, insurance companies, and homeowners. With a base of operations in Virginia Beach, Virginia, ABC Contracting & Consulting Services is a Virginia Class A Contractor specializing in:

We are honored to have the opportunity to support the US Department of Transportation and other Federal & state sectors.

  • Commercial Properties
  • Government & Institutions
  • Design-Build
  • General Contractor

Certifications, Awards and Credentials

  • Virginia DMBE DBE
  • Virginia DMBE SWaM
  • Class A Contractor
  • NAVFAC MIDLANT FEAD Portsmouth STAR (Safety) Awards (2015)
  • FEIN: 54-1920114
  • DUNS NUMBER: 009283578
  • BONDING CAPACITY: $5 Million Per Project / $10 Million Aggregate

So…what’s with the logo?

The owner, Pete Owen, has a Korean background and was born in Hawaii. He has incorporated the “spirit of Aloha” into the company brand. The logo is a petroglyph – pictures drawn on rocks by indigenous people thousands of years ago that depict environmental conditions and cultural practices from everyday life at that time. Long ago, these primitive renderings depicting people, animals, canoes and other objects were painstakingly carved onto rocks or old lava flows, but their exact meanings remain a mystery. There are also many petroglyphs showing men, women and children in an assortment of poses; they’re depicted performing a number of activities, including surfing, fishing and hunting. We’re still looking for one holding a hammer!